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Bristol Mistress Ash

What should I expect? Will other people be in the dungeon?

You will ring the doorbell when you arrive, and myself or the House Boy will allow you into the meet and greet room and offer you a drink. We will have a quick friendly chat about boundaries, safe words, and what we will explore in the session. I will take my tribute for the session in this meeting.

You will have the opportunity to shower both before and after the session. Afterwards I will direct you to the playroom we will be using and I expect you nude, on your knees and looking at the floor when I enter.

After the session you will have time to use the shower facilities, and a moment to collect yourself. We will have a quick chat again after if the meet and greet room is available, or I can let you right out if you so wish. You will never bump into another client here, we are very careful to protect your privacy.

The memory of our session will live in your mind rent free until you’re begging to see me again.

Will you see beginners?

Yes I love bringing people into the beautiful world kink has to offer! Communicate clearly with me and we can take it easy and find your boundaries.

Will my data be protected?

Yes, your data will be treated respectfully, and with the utmost confidentiality.

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