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Bristol Mistress Ash

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Bristol Mistress Ash

I do have a set of rules I will expect you to abide by. If you want my full attention you should make sure you follow every rule and guidance to the letter, I don’t accept lazy subs with no attention to detail.

  • Deposits are mandatory. I will not plan nor get ready for you without at least a deposit to secure my time.
  • Booking in advance is preferred.
  • Calls from private numbers are not accepted.
  • Be respectful – it’s really easy!
  • Do not bring pets, ever. (petplay exempt)

A very simple set of rules, it shouldn’t be too hard for you to follow.


I accept bookings via TEXT or EMAIL preferably, and do not answer withheld numbers.

I do not respond to “hi mistress” or “I want to be your slave mistress”

Please be comprehensive when booking, as this saves you and I both very valuable time, while also allowing us to get right to the good stuff with little stress.

When contacting you can use this handy guide to book.

Hi Mistress Ash. I am looking to book some time with you on (insert date), around (insert time).
I’m interested in/curious about (insert interests).
My hard limits are (insert hard limits).
Hope to hear from you soon,
(insert name)

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